Max Edidition mahagany out of poplar wood, by MTS shoecare, made in Germany

The Max Edition mahogany shoe tree is made of natural poplar wood, which was painted in the process of mahogany, this gives the shoe trees a noble high-quality appearance. Poplars are one of the fastest growing tree species and are already mature after 30 to 50 years. Poplar wood is lighter than other types of wood and much lighter in its whitish color. The wood is splinterproof and has a high resistance to abrasion, Thus, the ideal material for a high-quality shoe trees. Max Edition mahogany has a smooth-running telescopic spring for the ideal resilience. The molded heel back protects the heel cap and makes it easier to clean the shoes. Due to the low weight of the ideal travel companion for your suitcase. We recommend leaving the shoe on the shoe looper for at least 24 hours after use, this smoothens the foot creases for a pleasant freshness and comfort Max Edition mahogany is available in double sizes from 36/37 to 46/48, with the size 40/41 Available for ladies 40 / 41D as well as for men 40 / 41H. 1 pair

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