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You are looking for the right shoe tree for your shoes. We have just the right thing for you.

Our close partnership with a German producer allows us to take influence on the shape and quality of our products from the production stage. We attach great importance to the sustainability of the processes and the conscious and careful handling of the environment and resources as well as the compliance with European directives and regulations such as REACH and ROHS.

Our Max shoe trees are made of different woods such as beech wood and cedar wood, which are mostly certified thinning woods or plantation woods.

Lisa only for women offers a comprehensive range of fashionable and innovative shoe trees and boot shapers for women's shoes.

Why use a shoe tree / boot tree. The shoe tensioner not only keeps your shoes in shape, smooth folds or prevents folding creases in the boot. Depending on the type of wood or material, it is additionally capable of absorbing moisture which has formed during the wearing of the shoes. In addition, cleaning your shoes is made easier.

And just use our boot jack for donning.




As part of the German stimulus package, the German federal government has decided to temporarily lower VAT from July 1, 2020 to the end of 2020.

MTS shoecare has passed the value-added tax reduction completely on to customers, reducing the sales prices accordingly.

We hope to be able to support the Federal Government's intention to stimulate demand in Germany through lower prices.

We hope that there will be no second wave of infections and that the measures from the economic stimulus package will activate demand in an intended manner.

We thank you for your trust and are available for further questions at any time.

Stay healthy!

Lisa Boots Automatic Boot Shaper, by MTS shoecare (Set 3 Pairs)
Old price 43.72 €
29.19 / set(s) *
Finley shoe spike, by MTS shoecare
Old price 19.45 €
9.70 / pair(s) *
Max Basic Beech, by MTS shoecare made in Germany (Set 5 pairs)
Old price 63.12 €
14.67 / set(s) *
Lisa Basic velvet shoe tree for sneakers, by MTS shoecare
Old price 9.70 €
4.83 / pair(s) *
Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery