Lisa Boots automatic boot shapers, Set 5 pairs

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LISA Boots is a boot shaper with a smooth-running automatic mechanism. The innovative mechanics made of fatigue-free plastic always ensure optimal tension and prevent overstretching of the shaft material compared to conventional mechanics made of metal. The ergonomically shaped handle lies comfortably in the hand for effortless operation. Lisa Boots has anatomically shaped shells for the calf and shin, a pictogram indicates and the correct handling. Lisa Boots is suitable for all fashionable ladies long shaft boots. Prevents creases on the boot shaft, optimizes air circulation and thus ensures optimal drying. We recommend leaving Lisa Boots in the boot for 24 hours. Value pack with 5 pairs of contents.

Length:           total 42 cm / 16.5 inches
                         Bowls 35 cm / 13.8 inches

Material:          PP (polypropylene) recycled
                         PS (polystyrene) recycled
                         POM (polyacetals)

Colour:           blue

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