Max shoe trees

Max shoe trees

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Max shoe trees, by MTS shoecare, are made of different types of wood, such as beechwood, cedarwood (bot. Juniperus virginiana) or hardwood. Shoe trees made of cedar wood also offer the benefit of absorbing moisture and refreshing the shoe naturally thanks to the natural essential oils of this kind of wood. The beech woods and cedar woods are, of course, certified thinning woods or plantation woods.

Choose from four different models, Max Basic, Max No. 2, Max No. 3 and Max No. 1

Depending on the model, these are available in single sizes or double sizes. Each shoe tree is subject to strict quality control and is individually controlled for its quality. All products can be ordered as single pairs or in a special advantage package.

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Max Basic Premium shoe trees out of beech wood, by MTS shoecare

11.95 / pair(s) *
Old price 14.95 €

Max No. 3 cedar wood shoe trees (set 2 pairs), by MTS shoecare

from 37.95 / set(s) *
Old price 69.90 €

Max No. 3 cedar wood shoe trees, by MTS shoecare

from 21.95 / pair(s) *
Old price 34.95 €

Max No. 3 wooden shoe trees, by MTS shoecare

9.95 / pair(s) *
Old price 17.95 €
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Hard Wood

Beech Wood

Cedar Wood